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Xbox 360: PC Not Listed FIX

14 May 2009 1 views 35 Comments


For a long time, I’ve been successfully streaming video (using Windows Media Player) and audio (using Zune) to my Xbox 360. I just recently had a couple of updates to my PC: new CPU, new ram & a second video card – but no changes to the hard drive or windows. I did have to redo my windows activation since it relies on the CPU, but thats it! There were no problems and everything came up as usual. All the sudden, my xbox could not see the PC. However – the PC had no problem seeing the xbox!

I tried everything. I double checked that all services were running, automatic and started. I disabled sharing in WMP and re-enabled it. I even reinstalled ZUNE to recreate the sharing, but nothing. All uPNP, SSDP, Zune & WMP Network Sharing services were running with no errors.


I assume by this point you’ve reset your router, your xbox and your PC multiple times hoping the problem will correct on its own. Now this isn’t a solution for everybody as different scenarios could have multiple problems, but it did work for me! I found on a lot of sites people talking about resetting the DRM entries on your XP machine. I figured the fix would be different on Vista since nobody was talking about it – and because its 2009, not 2005.

It’s called DRM – Digital Rights Management. You get the ‘PC Not Listed’ error code when the Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM) system on the computer is corrupted. The fix is fairly easy.

  1. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator. Open up windows explorer by clicking on ‘Computer’ at your start menu. (you can also do this by going to start>run and type in userinit.exe – press enter)
  2. In the top left corner, click on Organize and roll down to ‘Folder & Search Options’.
  3. Click on the View tab and scroll down. Change the radio button about half way down to ‘Show Hidden Files and Folders’. Then, two checkboxes below that option is a checkbox that says ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ and make sure it is UNCHECKED. Click Apply and Okay.
  4. Back in your computer window, goto your C: drive (or wherever you installed Vista to) and you’ll see a folder called ProgramData. We are looking for this folder: c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM
  5. Rename the DRM folder to DRMBackup. If it gives you any errors, once again, check to make sure you are an administrator.
  6. Go to this link in Internet Explorer (FF and Safari will NOT work): http://drmlicense.one.microsoft.com/Indivsite/en/indivit.asp?force=1
  7. Choose the Upgrade button and let it do its magic. When it is completed, I recommend restarting the XBOX and the PC. Make sure you go through your Windows Media Player settings again to double check everything is being shared. Also, make sure the following services are started by going to start>run and typing in services.msc :
  • uPnP Device Host
  • SSDP Discovery
  • Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
  • Zune Wireless Configuration Service (only if you stream your zune library to your xbox)

Last but not least – doublecheck that your Windows Firewall is not blocking anything important. Easiest way to do it is to disable the firewall completely and see if things work. If they do, you know there is an exception you need to allow.

Good luck!

P.S. – For More Information about this issue read the MS document: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929642

P.S.S. – Another potential solution provided by Jason (thank you!) is to disable ICS. Easiest method is to go to control panel > network and internet > right click wireless or wired connection and choose properties. Click the sharing tab and clear the checkbox for ‘allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection’.

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  • nick said:

    thanks for the post, still having problems though, media center on xbox detects pc, but still pc not listed comming up through the my videos tab.

    This is so frustrating.

  • Nicholas said:

    Thank you for this article. I have been bashing my head on this problem for a while.

  • Jeff said:

    Can confirm this fix works on Windows 7 RC as well. Thanks for the help!

  • Ryan said:

    Do you know what to do if your Computer doesn’t see your Xbox and they are on the same wired network? All the proper services are running and no anti-virus programs are running and I have tried with my firewall turned off and still nothing.

  • Lefe said:

    Finally it worked for me guys!

    Many thanks for the posting


  • Lefe said:

    Hey guys it’s me again

    I just got to notice that Kaspersky Internet security 2009 prevents the connection with PC to be established therefore any adjustments on the setting should be done!!!

  • Jazz said:

    U are a bloody genius for writting this artle

  • Yonatan said:

    I’ve done everything… and it still doesnt work…. have any ideas??

  • Enzso Matrix said:

    Hope you get to read thiswho ever wrote this artical cos you have all my thanks as no Microsoft site would help with this problem. You are Legend !!! I think you should get hold of the movie companies and tell them Will Smith is yesterday … you are in the front of the line for Playing the part in I am Legend 2 …… Thanks a heep …. this works 100%

  • Jen said:

    thank for this article! it stopped working for us when my bf put in a new router and I tried everything I could find. came across this and it worked, ffinally an end to my frustration!

  • OMG said:

    I can’t believe it,,, I’ve been working on this problem for months, i quit for a while then asked my Networking professor at school and some of my good friends who use Tversity. no luck and you solve my problem so easily, i think i love you.

  • Tim said:

    I am using an admin account and it’s telling me I cannot change the name of the DRM folder.

    “Destination Folder Access Denied
    You need permission to perform this action”

    Any ideas?


  • Shea (author) said:

    Hey Tim,

    You need to take ownership of the DRM folder. Check out these steps on how to do that, then continue on as normal. It won’t effect anything, I promise.

    Good Luck!

  • Tim said:


    Thanks for the quick response; I appreciate it. Sorry to be a n00b at this again, but (out of cautiousness) I’d appreciate your advice on which of the methods I should choose.

    I just don’t have quite enough experience to feel 100 percent confident that the seemingly best option (Option 2.2) isn’t a poor one.

    I think it’s fine, but I don’t know for sure. Sorry for bugging you again, and thanks in advance for your help!


  • Shea (author) said:

    Hey Tim!

    It’s no problem, I’ve been there before :) 2.2 is definitely the easiest route to take. I will shoot you an email in case you have any other issues along the way. Much easier and quicker for me to respond there :)

    Good Luck!

  • Nathan said:

    Hey Shea great article! Just one problem for me. I’ve taken ownership of the DRM folder in every which way yet I’m still getting the extremely aggravating message telling me that I don’t have permission to edit the folder name.

  • Shea (author) said:

    Which operating system are you using? I’ll shoot you an email and we’ll troubleshoot it for you.

  • ticiano said:

    mine is xp, tried everything

    turned on and off lots of times both the videogame, router and modem
    turned off the firewalls
    turned on the file sharing on windows media player
    typed ips from pc, manually
    ive done everything above which allowed the media player to show xbox but not enable it

    The xbox always show PC NOT LISTED. This is getting so frustrating

    all the other devices such as my hd media players can share files with my pc, and ive tried with the same ethernet cable.

    Still waiting for a miracle cause i paid a fortune for this jtagged xbox *its waaay too expensive to find one in Brazil.

    Thx in advance!

  • Jason said:

    I just spent an evening looking at this issue and found a solution that nobody has mentioned above. For me, the solution was to turn off ICS sharing on my pc. I had previously been using the wireless on my laptop and ICS to connect my xbox to the Internet. Recently, I changed my setup and went straight from the router to the xbox. However, on my pc, I didn’t turn off ICS on the wireless network (I had only disabled the ethernet connection). I went back into the wireless network’s properties, Sharing tab, and unchecked ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection’. Hit OK and immediately my pc showed up on my xbox. Hope this helps.

  • Gary said:

    I am using the xbox 360, Vista SP2, wired ethernet through a Linksys WRT610N, and Windows Media Player to stream media from the PC to xbox 360. For me the “PC Not Listed” symptom required addressing three issues after having followed Microsoft’s instructions. Two of these issues have been discussed in earlier posts by others: modifying Norton Security Suite firewall to allow port 2869, and restarting the SSDP Discovery service. But I found that even after doing this, the xbox failed to find the PC after the PC was rebooted.

    The fix is to change the “Cryptographic Services” service from Manual to Automatic start. (Windows Start Button/enter services.msc in Start Search/scroll to and right click on Cryptographic Services/Properties/Startup Type Automatic/OK).

  • Eric said:

    Great tips, but Windows REFUSES to let me rename my DRM folder. I have tried changing ownership many times(to both my regular and administrator accounts), ensured all permissions and even advanced permissions are available, I have tried using a DOS command prompt to simply rename the folder, I have used DOS command prompts to remove the hidden attribute, no matter what I do, the idiotic Vista tells me I don’t have permission. I have done so much to change this filename that the NSA just got curious and sent a spy satellite over my house!

    I was thinking maybe this is one of those junction folders, but nope, it’s not, not if other people can rename it. Ugh, Vista makes me so angry, I’m gonna punch out the moon!

  • Shea (author) said:

    Sorry to hear you’re having so many problems with the DRM folder. There is a program I’ve used many times over the years called Unlocker. It allows you to right click a folder or file and choose ‘unlock’ to either delete it or rename. When you choose unlock, the program determines what services are causing the file to be ‘uneditable’ and temporarily disables them so you can do your duty. Download and read about it here: http://unlocker.en.softonic.com/

    Also – maybe try to reboot into safe mode and delete/rename the folder?

  • Eric said:

    Hey Shea,

    Thanks for the help. I got the folder renamed FINALLY, but the “http://drmlicense.one.microsoft.com/Indivsite/en/indivit.asp?force=1″ link kept killing my browser (both Firefox and IE).

    I tried again today, and now their site is nonexistent! Trying to go to it returns a “Server Not Found” message, both with Firefox and IE.

    This DRM stuff is unbelievably screwed up! Thanks again, and maybe MS will fix their servers and I can get this Xbox 360 back to normal, someday…

  • Jake said:

    Having the same issue, it won`t let me rename the DRM. What`s so important about renaming it anyway?

  • Jake said:

    Nevermind, IT WORKED!!! I ran it in safe mode and renamed it. BUT, it won`t let me click the upgrade button(I don`t think upgrading it matters since I already pressed that button like a million times).

  • Elliot said:

    Thankyou SO much. I cant believe I FINALLY got this working. I didnt even need to install the new DRM! It was just picked up as soon as I renamed the original one!

  • Brett said:

    Jason! That worked. Just unchecked the box in the wireless sharing tab and there it was. Thank you!

    And a huge thanks for the OP, this has been the only way to fix this huge Windows 7 mess on the Xbox.

  • Shea (author) said:

    @Eric – it seems the DRM License site is back up! This link will work in IE7, IE8 and IE9 (verified myself) http://drmlicense.one.microsoft.com/Indivsite/en/indivit.asp?force=1

    @Jake – good to see you finally got it to work! Try the site again and see if it will work for you. Make sure you’re in IE7 or later. If it still doesn’t work, run IE with no add-ons by going to start>run and typing in “iexplore –extoff” with no quotes.

    @Brett – I will have to add Jason’s suggestion to the main post so others can find it easier! Good to see the additional methods to fixing this! I agree it’s a huge issue and needs to be properly addressed by Microsoft.

  • Timmy said:

    Hi Shea, this has been a big help I have completed all the steps, except the upgrade button on the link is grayed out…I am assuming that is an important step…. thanks

  • Shea (author) said:

    Make sure you are in internet explorer, not firefox or chrome!

  • captainqca said:

    THANKS from the PSS to JASON!!

  • Jason said:

    I’ve tried everything to get this working – PC still not listed. Can see the Xbox on network map but still cannot stream from Zune/WMP. All options explored, Xbox connected via ethernet to router, routed wireless to laptop. all sharing on, xbox has an ip address but still nothing. Very frustrating!

  • Savahni said:

    Guys.. I have tried every step on this page. For me, the problem solved after: DISABLING ICS!

    Such a simple solution actually. Might wanna try that first if you have ICS enabled.

    Thanks a lot for the info!

  • rafa said:

    thanks. You’ve saved my life. It perfectly works on W7.

  • akore az said:

    Just tested this on Windows 8 Pro x64 bit RTM build. it works! thank you very much!

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